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Jeff McLoughlin

Producer, Writer & Director

Jeff McLoughlin began his third career in the spring of 2010 as an documentary filmmaker and producer of The Condor's Shadow. Trained in film production, theory and criticism in the late 70's, Jeff went on to pursue a career with a broad range of creative outlets that culminated in the role of Director of Marketing Communications for a publicly held Silicon Valley medical-technology firm.  After producing hundreds of web, multimedia, print collateral and video productions, he stepped away from corporate creative in 2010.
The Condor's Shadow is Jeff's initial foray into independent filmmaking. He resides in Santa Barbara, California with his wife Kristi and chocolate Labrador, Jack.

Jess McLoughlin

Associate Producer

Jess McLoughlin commited significant effort to the pre-production, research and logistics of producing The Condor's Shadow. As a small production company requires the wearing of many hats, Jess also designed the logo and branding elements for the film and contributed significantly to the refinement of the film's storyline. She holds a Masters Degree from Claremont Graduate University in Arts Management. Working through multiple mediums, Jess was responsible for the background work that supports the storytelling of the film.


Ethan Turpin

Cinematographer, Reasearch, Story Consultant

Ethan Turpin is a video producer and multi-media artist living and working in Santa Barbara, California.  In the year 2000 he founded Bright Eye Cinema to create documentaries, promotional content, and video-based events.  Since then he has screened works of video journalism in numerous film festivals, on television, and within online magazines such as Current TV and  Using local stories to speak to broader topics, Turpin released works such as "Her Duty: A Military Wife Speaks Out" and "Showing Disaster: Tea Fire Reflections" at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  In 2006 he received the Heartland Best Documentary Award for "The Crocodiles of Kansas City" from the KC Filmmakers Jubilee.  The 2010 Visions Of A New California Award was recently granted to Turpin for his unique photographic work.


Donnie Hedden

Cinematographer & Photographer

Donnie is a recent graduate of Nashville, TN, Belmont University where he earned a BS in Entertainment Industry Studies. His background in fine arts and multimedia studies combined with his fascination for literature make for an interesting, vivid outlook on life. He combines his creative talent in photography, multimedia design, journalism, and conceptual development into a single tool that provides clients with an authentic image. Donnie focuses his talents on creation of media that has a sincere & honest intent for the global community.



Craig Rowe

Marketing, Web & Social Media

Craig Rowe is a copywriter and marketing consultant dedicated to preserving wilderness, encouraging outdoor pursuits and doing his part to sustain our wild lands. Motivated by the challenges faced by the California condor and its Endangered Species Act brethren, like the recently delisted grey wolf, Craig contributes creative copy, web content and social media to help spread the film's purpose. He has an English and Professional Communications B.A. from Nazareth College and spends a great deal of time hiking the American southwest.